If my company were an athlete, it would be a: Figure Skater

Wow-1Day! Painting Inc.

“We enjoy wearing flamboyantly orange outfits that really dazzle our clients and we work as a team to paint houses in one day just like Russian and Canadian ice dancers work as a team to complete triple Salchow.”

Strangeloop Networks Inc.

“We are flexible, allowed to be as creative as we want to be, we have awesome dance moves and if we want to wear a frilly shirt or a dress made of sparkles while we do it, it’s no big deal.”

6S Marketing Inc.

“We are highly competitive and unique. We are linked in a special way: our cult-like love for the ‘ice,’ a.k.a. the Internet. We have a charismatic leader who coaches the lives of the group’s members. Figure skaters share a unique vocabulary, much as our company does. We’re charismatic, most certainly. Graceful – we’re still working on that. But a twirling, tightly dressed, flying-through-the-air and willing-to-jump-through-hoops kind of company we most definitely are.”