If my company were an athlete, it would be a: Surfer

Tasktop Technologies Inc.

“We have ridden the waves of partnering with the biggest vendors in the industry, followed by even more massive waves of deploying new product to top-10 banks. While it takes a tremendous amount of work and focus to stay ahead of the wave, we have always pulled it off in style and generated raving fans.”

Cactus Restaurants Ltd.

“The waves are unpredictable; our hours, customers and industry are unpredictable and a restaurant like Cactus has to be a pro at managing the conditions.”

Summerland & District Credit Union

“Our industry is continually changing. We are resilient to the highs and lows of financial storms, ride through the tough times and still stay on top. Our small town depends on our company to provide solid and adaptable financial leadership. It has been through the competence of the directors and employees that the company has performed well and has grown consistently since 1944.”