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Introducing the Loge Club at Rogers Arena

Introducing the new Loge Club at Rogers Arena where you and your guests will experience premium service while privately enjoying and sharing the unforgettable, once in a lifetime moments in your theatre style six-seat Loge Box. (artist rendering)

Experience the thrill and excitement of Canucks hockey from your private table. See new stars and old rivals as every NHL team visits Rogers Arena at least once each season. The Loge Club offers a premium vantage point on the Scotiabank Executive Suite le

An innovative and ever-changing tapas style buffet with chef attended action stations, desserts and all non-alcoholic beverages included in the price. Including private liquor locker and restroom facilities. (artist rendering)

Welcome to the Canucks most exclusive and prestigious club – still under construction. The Loge Club is an impressive opportunity for corporate entertainment in an all-inclusive setting. (artist rendering)

Your Loge opens dramatically onto Vancouver’s most prestigious stage. Enjoy unique networking experiences and enhance your experience with exclusive Canucks events, alumni visits and updates from Hockey Operations President, Trevor Linden.