Jan Stimpson Named One of Canada’s Top Entrepreneurs

Jan Stimpson, White House Design Co | BCBusiness
In 2013 White House Design Co. CEO Jan Stimpson was named an EOY finalist and ranked Number 4 on the 2013 W100 List of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs.

2013 EOY finalist Jan Stimpson makes the W100 list of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs

This week White House Design Co. CEO and 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year finalist Jan Stimpson was named Number 4 on the 2013 W100 List of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs. The annual ranking is produced by Profit and Chatelaine, and ranks entrepreneurs from a composite score based on the size, growth rate and profitability of their businesses.

In 1977 Stimpson left her post as a paralegal and made her entrepreneurial foray by opening a natural-fabric store before getting into the design and manufacturing side of the retail business. From there, she grew her company all while learning the ropes of running a business.

“If I had one thing to do over it would probably be to get more education,” Stimpson told BCBusiness in an interview for the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year. “I’m a real specialist at self-help books. Photoshop for Dummies, What’s a Balance Sheet Anyway. It’s been all good because I’ve had to learn the hard way, but it has been challenging for sure. I never was really afraid of it.”

In addition to White House Design’s remarkable growth—its Sympli clothing line is distributed to more than 800 retail stores across North America—Stimpson has remained steadfast in her local mandate, keeping all of the company’s operations inside Canada.

“It’s never really been about the financial gain. It’s always been about, I really enjoy watching the people that I work with be able to make a better living and support their families and their children, that’s kind of the major goal. That’s where the really profound joy comes from.”