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Leadership: Views From the Top

There are many ways to be a strong leader—as six of the province's sharpest businesspeople reminded us when we asked them how they manage and motivate staff. But increasingly, great leadership calls for collaboration

Their businesses range from fashion and finance to real estate and software development. Their employees number from the dozens to the thousands. Some are entrepreneurs, while others work for established corporations. Herschel Supply founders Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Troika Developments CEO Renee Wasylyk, BCLC head Jim Lightbody, Copperleaf Technologies chief executive Judi Hess and BMO VP Mike Bonner tell us what it takes to be a leader

Shoulder to Shoulder

Herschel Supply

Home Truths

Renee Wasylyk

On His Game

BCLC’s Jim Lightbody

Technological Progress

Judi Hess

Passion Project

BMO VP Mike Bonner