LOKABP Presents: Trend City

Storyteller Ginger Grant Phd with Sunny Shum of partlysunny.ca

Kirk La Pointe, Managing Editor of The Vancouver Sun,

Bratface Andrea Baxter with gemmologist Kevin Hume and “marketing savant” Paul Melo, founder of stylequotient.ca

Creative Director and Principal at smashLAB, Eric Karjaluoto with LOKABP coordinator Eric Bucheggar

Social Media Strategist Mark Magnusson

Stephen Bath, Senior Strategic Manager at ICBC with

Touting themselves as a collection of senior level headline stealers only, they didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic about riding the coattails of The Socialist’s digital fame. My first attempt at profiling this group resulted in a “miscommunication” involving my refusal to fork out $150 to cover an event sponsored by this very magazine. I let it go. Nailing down the organizer to confirm some event details and participant names for Trend City was like pulling teeth. I let that go too even though I could plainly see his twitter activity during the times of my requests.

If you recognize yourself or your friend please don’t hesitate to let me know!

even Ginger Grant hesitates to “I’m only here because my nephew is involved with this group” she admitted before declaring Toronto the true heart of Canadian business. I like a broad who tell it like it is.