Long-weekend Reads

Editors’ picks, award-nominated articles and the most popular stories on the site. Hit the ‘print’ button on these six stories and take some well-written tales with you for some long-weekend reading

The Test of Taste (*nominated for a National Magazine Award)
B.C.’s apple industry is facing a crisis. Profits are down and fruits such as cherries and wine grapes are encroaching on more and more of the province’s valuable land. Will a new breed of apple be the saving grace that farmers are hoping for?

Bike Nation
Propelled by cyclists who see pedalling as a source of income, transportation and philanthropy, B.C. is quickly becoming a bicycle haven.

Paradise Lost (*nominated for a Western Magazine Award)
A town frozen in the 1980s, Kitsault is at the heart of a battle between two of B.C.’s biggest industries: tourism and mining.

Can I Be Frank? (*nominated for a Western Magazine Award)
He made it big as a financial broker, a movie studio visionary and a global philanthropist. Now Frank Giustra, one of B.C.’s most influential business leaders, has struck oil. But it’s not what you think.

Rise of the Cyclotron (*nominated for a Western Magazine Award)
In a Richmond warehouse, a father and son team have become global players in the production of cyclotrons, isotope-producing machines that are changing the face of the rapidly advancing field of nuclear medicine.

From the Ground Up
Forestry is integral to the economic security of the province, but more than half our pine forests have been decimated by mountain pine beetles, and fires continue to ravage the rest. With efforts to replant failing to meet demand, is it only a matter of time until the lumber industry grinds to a halt?