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Prestige Marketing

A Measured Approach

Prestige has the advantage of being able to test their marketing campaigns before fully committing to them

“It’s absolutely critical to know when your marketing and ad dollars are working–and when they’re not,” says Chris Reynolds, Prestige Marketing’s business development manager. The question is, then, do you know how well your marketing is working?

Prestige Marketing is a full-service marketing and advertising company that offers a comprehensive suite of online services, including search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social media management. Prestige also offers a whole new take on advertising with traditional off-line media.

Specifically, Prestige invites clients to test drive new campaigns to see how effective they’ll be before committing whole budgets to them.

First, Prestige works with clients to develop marketing campaigns and offers–each ad assigned with its own call tracking number–then pushes them out into market using its extensive network of online, television, radio and print outlets. Clients are charged by the number of calls they receive from the ads, but only for calls of a certain length–allowing clients to qualify leads before paying for them. It’s called performance-based marketing, and it means that rather than getting what you pay for, you pay for what you get.

Moreover, precise call tracking gives Prestige’s clients solid data to justify bigger spends on large-scale campaigns, plus a way to more accurately measure the return on investment of each campaign that goes to market. “It allows our clients to dip a toe in the water with a marketing campaign to see if it will be successful before throwing a lot of money behind it,” explains Reynolds. “It really helps us make the most of their advertising budget.”

It’s a strategy that’s critical for organizations of any size looking to reduce their marketing and advertising risk–and one favoured by Prestige’s lengthy roster of clients, including the likes of The Home Depot, Pharmasave and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.