Rogers Wireless Solves Cargo Crisis

Rogers Wireless raises the bar with innovation business solutions.

Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest provider of wireless communication services, is continuing to raise the bar with innovative business solutions for companies across B.C. Rogers recently collaborated with Canada’s largest container terminal – TSI Terminal Systems Inc. (TSI) – which handles 75% of containerized cargo moving in and out of Port Metro Vancouver.


TSI relies on a computer operating system and radio technology to move containers to and from vessels, rail and trucks at its two terminals, Deltaport at Roberts Bank and Vanterm in the inner harbour. Engaging vast quantities of equipment (including giant dockside gantries) and the resulting complex ground crew logistics means a reliable wireless network is essential.

The firm initially deployed mesh and Wi-Fi solutions, but there were major connectivity issues. Weak signals slowed production, causing workers to idle and be frustrated by misfiring equipment. Two years and nearly $1 million later, TSI sought a new solution.

Rogers took on the challenge and transformed TSI’s system by erecting a cell tower at the Deltaport terminal. The tower anchors a 3G network, providing primary connectivity for all TSI’s wireless needs – principally, its gantry and handheld devices.

Four Access Point Names (APNs) were activated for heightened security (with connectivity), while management and executive iPads and iPhones were also introduced. Powered by the 3G network, communications were substantially improved between TSI staff and crew.

Having an efficient operating system has boosted TSI’s productivity and eradicated delays. The firm’s average move-time at Deltaport is now 24 minutes, and only 20 to 21 minutes at Vanterm. That equates to an extra two container moves per hour – and another estimated $6 million a year. Roaming charges and equipment replacement costs have also been reduced.

TSI’s manager of IT, Michel Labelle, says the solution paid for itself by the time the six-month installation was complete. Labelle praises Rogers’ “rich eco-system” and also its staff for never being afraid to try new vendors or unproven products.

“Other providers offer a standard service and aren’t prepared to step outside the box,” he says. “With Rogers, we’re always stepping outside it. Their team is very knowledgeable and constantly trying to improve and leverage our service with innovative solutions.”

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