Sony BMG Music: Patrick Zulinov

Nice boots. They look like they have a story. I got them in Australia. I tend to go travelling with little more than a phone, a credit card and a change of clothes, and then I get what I need along the way. That way if I see a funky shirt or nice jacket I can pick it up and know it’s going to be unique. There is a definite cool factor to your job. How do you balance looking both professional and edgy? I have to go to a lot of different events and deal with a lot of different types of artists. It may be a classical show, so I’ll wear a dress jacket; or it may be a hip-hop show or metal show, so I’ll throw something more casual on. I don’t necessarily dress to suit the occasion, but you do want to fit in. Where does a tall man like you shop in Vancouver? It’s really hard to find jeans for a guy with a 36 inseam, so generally if I find something that fits, I’m happy. I do like retro jeans, and I shop at Timebomb Trading or Kärv, and my niece runs Obakki so I shop there as well. You’re wearing rings; do you have any rules about jewellery? I don’t observe the wedding ring thing. When I’m travelling and I see a cool ring that I like and it fits on a finger that’s empty, I’ll get it. They have to have something that applies to me and my personality. How does working partly from home affect your daily fashion decisions? Generally I keep it casual when working out of the home office and pick the day’s attire based on the meetings or artists at hand later that day or evening. Some days it’s Pearl Jam, some days Springsteen, some days Celine. Jeans and boots work with most things; it’s mostly the shirt that distinguishes the effect and style in the end.