Summerland and District Credit Union

Number of Employees: 40 Head Office: Summerland

“Everyone in the company knows my family by name. My children feel welcome here. So does my dog.”

The goal of the managers at Summerland & District Credit Union is to make sure everyone is happy to be there – customers and staff alike. It’s the focus of the company’s philosophy: if the employees are happy, the members will be happy. Part of making that philosophy real is helping your employees live rich lives outside of work, and that includes giving them flexible schedules to help them spend time with their families and offering cash bonuses when they do the right thing outside the office, whether that be personal fitness or community involvement. The other key is to allow employees to get involved in company decisions. For example, every strategic plan involves a round table with staff to collect ideas, and the recent corporate social responsibility committee is comprised mostly of front-end workers.
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