The Buzz On New Real Estate Developments

Vancouerites can now find new condo development chatter with popular wiki website’s new BuzzBuzzWest division.

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Vancouverites shopping for yet-to-be-built condos can now consult BuzzBuzzHome for all the latest new construction chatter.

Vancouerites can now find new condo development chatter with popular wiki website’s new BuzzBuzzWest division.

Ever thought about buying a new apartment, condo or townhouse? Not just new, but not-yet-built new? If you knew exactly where you wanted to be and saw a hole in the ground, you might begin your search for a new property the old-fashioned way – Google the builder and the project. But what if you wanted more options? Say, finding other builders or projects in the area?  How about comparing prices and features? There just hasn’t been a great way to preview developments until a new kid moved into town: BuzzBuzzHome

The website has just opened its latest division called BuzzBuzzWest. While the company researches projects across Canada, it recognized Vancouver needed some local representation on the ground. More local research on the BBH site means more direct information from developers – always helpful for home buyers.

Matthew Slutsky was the vice president of land development for a Toronto luxury land developer when he realized there was a gap in available centralized consumer information for new construction. Sure, developers advertised their projects, but it was difficult to find. Why not create a place for developers and buyers to come together? Slutsky developed a wiki-based website that enables developers to list their projects in an easy-to-find, consistent format. 

After its launch in 2009, numerous developers adopted BuzzBuzzHome as the preferred way to connect with their buyers. And developers post updates as they, ahem, develop. As their projects begin, developers add information such as concept documents, locations and anticipated final quantities, then add updated construction delays to project wrap up. The final project details, pictures, finishes, contact information and show home hours are the final touches. 

Members of the website can update project details as well, subject to verification by the developer prior to posting. The website also has a blog where buyers, developers and real estate junkies can add to the chatter or ask questions.

Approximately 250 projects across Canada are added each day, which is great for buyers looking in cities across Canada. The website garners between 1,000 and 6,000 qualified leads for featured developers a month. And the BuzzBuzzWest division is quickly seeing the same explosion in popularity.

Ready to start your new development shopping adventure? Find them on Twitter @BuzzBuzzHome or @BBHWest and if you want to take a peek at some projects, check them out on Pinterest.