The Personnel Department

Number of Employees: 37 Head Office: Vancouver

“I was given the opportunity to master a new credential that would allow me to continue to be part of the company in a flexible-hour role as I undertake semi-retirement and leave the primary role I had for years”

Flowers and jewelry are typically reserved for romantic wooing, but at the Personnel Department they land on employees’ desks. The global HR solutions corporation also pays for its staff to be well dressed, providing an annual stipend to be spent on professional business clothing. “When I give my opinion or ask for something, it actually happens. Management is very reactive to employee needs,” says staffing services co-ordinator David McEwen. No kidding – when an employee fell seriously ill for six years, the company provided financial support to cover legal and medical costs until a complicated insurance settlement was worked out. They also co-ordinate bowling and Guitar Hero nights at a local pub. Working for the Personnel Department could be likened to having a sugar daddy without the morning breath. Click here to look at the next winner