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The Westlund Group of Companies

From public relations to spa services to mobile the Westlund Group of Companies has its hands and expertise in a variety of sectors. Andrew Westlund, president of Westlund Group of Companies, injects his inspirational entrepreneurial spirit into each of his companies: Agency Media, SKY Helicopters, SKY Hangar, Apex Wireless, Mode Photography, Otter Lake Cabins, The Link Professional Services, Fluid Day Spa and Level 4 Technologies.

For each of these companies, success and a respected reputation have been achieved through Westlund’s commitment to innovation, hard work and efficiency, and this is evident in how Agency Media offers its clients access to the Group’s other companies. 

Clients are picked up by one of the SKY Helicopters and taken on an eleven-minute flight out to the SKY Hangar in Pitt Meadows. With Mode Photography working in one wing of the hangar and the SKY Helicopter standing by, aerial photography can be executed without any delay. With their collaborative approach, the team at Agency Media is positioned to tell its clients’ stories in creative and memorable ways, and to make them shareable.

There is no mistaking Westlund’s dedication to his work and his clients. “We have to be remarkable; we have to be passionate. Then we have to project that passion in a way that invokes an emotional response,” he says. And with an impressive list of companies and a growing list of clients, it looks like the Westlund Group of Companies will continue to be remarkable for many years to come.