Top 6 ways to dress for success

From sky-high heels to one-upping your boss’s outfits, looks that will get you ahead

1. Studies show that taller people earn more money, so don’t be shy with the sky-high heels—that includes both men and women.

2. Exude ambition by one-upping each of your boss’s outfits.

3. If you bike to work, don’t change out of your gear—socially conscious employees are a boon to any business, and your biking duds will garner recognition.

4. Sandals are OK for both men and women, so long as you sport toenail polish and adornments to class up your overall look.

5. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, hoodies in the workplace now mean “billionaire genius” rather than “I’ve given up.”

6. Save your sharpest outfits for Casual Fridays—you’ll stand out from the pack and make your colleagues look like slobs.