Vast majority of Canadians believe B.C. has the best cannabis in the country: report

But just over half of BCers don't know where their marijuana is from.

Credit: Pure Sunfarms on Twitter

Delta-based cannabis producer Pure Sunfarms surveyed Canadians on their pot preferences

But just over half of BCers don’t know where their marijuana is from

It’s not shocking that most Canadians believe B.C. bud reigns supreme in the country. But you might be surprised to learn that many of this province’s cannabis consumers don’t actually know where their stuff is from.

In a recent survey produced by Delta cannabis producer Pure Sunfarms with the Angus Reid Institute, 76 percent of Canadians said B.C. cannabis ranked among the top three in the nation (Ontario and Quebec were second and third, with 53 percent and 43 percent, respectively). Meanwhile, 72 percent of respondents agreed that B.C. had Canada’s best reputation for cannabis growing.

Among British Columbians, 98 percent thought you’d find the best cannabis in their home province. But only 55 percent of B.C. respondents knew where their pot comes from. That share was higher than in Alberta (44 percent) and Ontario (51 percent).

Canadians also don’t have much of a handle on whether chemical pesticides are being used in their weed, with 80 percent saying they’d prefer not but only 40 percent knowing for sure. That latter number was just 20 percent in B.C. 

“It’s clear that Canadians care about a lot more than just price and potency when they make their purchasing decisions, but they’re still getting up to speed,” Pure Sunfarms president and CEO Mandesh Dosanjh said in a release. “The fact that Canadians don’t have awareness of these issues shows me that this industry has more work to do to give Canadians the information they need.”

The survey of 1,505 respondents across Canada took place from September 25 to 29, 2020.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly noted that no pesticides are used in regulated cannabis.