Vying for the Title of Best City in the World by 2020

The long-term plans for Vancouver’s real estate industry will be discussed at the 2020 Real Estate Action Plan conference now set to take place in September

The 2020 Real Estate Action Plan conference will bring together the industry’s key players

Billed as a must-attend event for real estate experts and top business leaders, the 2020 Real Estate Action Plan conference is an exclusive, invite-only event for key players in the real estate industry. Originally scheduled to take place today, the overwhelming demand to attend the conference has forced organizers to postpone the event until September (date TBD) in favour of a larger venue. Expected attendees in September include international and local investors, business owners, CEO’s, presidents and real estate professionals will unite to discuss plans for Vancouver’s real estate market in the coming years; and despite the different interests and areas of expertise the attendees represent they all have one common goal: to make Vancouver the best city in the world by 2020.
Now, this may sound like an ambitious goal, but the movers and shakers in this industry have their eyes on the prize, and are working towards putting a plan in place to turn the dream into a reality. And when you consider that from 2007 to 2011 Vancouver topped the list as the most livable city in the annual survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and was the only North American city to rank in the Top 5 on the 2012 Mercer Quality of Living Ranking, great strides have already been made towards establishing Vancouver as a desirable place for people to lay down their roots.
Even though the public will be on the outside looking in when the conference takes place in September, with all the significant upgrades being made to retail malls and transportation infrastructures throughout the Lower Mainland, Vancouverites are already gaining insight into what the grand plan might look like.