What to expect from this year’s TED Talks in Vancouver

Speakers at TED2015 follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates.
Speakers at TED2015 follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates.

Talking about TED, app wars and a vision for Riverview

Better off TED
The theme for this year’s TED Talks, being held in Vancouver and Whistler March 16-20, is Truth or Dare. TED2015 promises to challenge and reshape core beliefs about today’s reality and celebrate thinkers, dreamers and mavericks who offer bold new alternatives. Speakers include iPod developer Tony Fadell, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, performance artist Marina Abramovic and social activist Monica Lewinsky. All the US$8,500 tickets are gone, but you can still watch the TED livestream, starting at $100.

Hands off my app
Invoke Labs, which is run by the founders of Hootsuite, is being sued by Surrey software developer Pixsel Technology Inc. for allegedly stealing its app. Pixsel president Troy Spracklin says he contracted Vancouver-based Invoke to help develop an image-based, person-to-person consumer app to rival Craigslist and Ebay. Instead, Spracklin claims, Invoke used his code to develop its own app called Quietly. While Invoke, which had hoped to settle out of court, denies the allegations, Spracklin has filed a lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court claiming copyright infringement and intellectual property theft. (via CBC)

Revisioning Riverview
B.C.’s Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services has transferred ownership of the Riverview Hospital lands in Coquitlam to BC Housing. The final open houses for the renewal process are scheduled for this spring. Fraser Health currently operates three residential mental health care lodges on the 244-acre site, which was used for a major mental health institution from 1913 to 2012. The Provincial Rental Housing Corp., BC Housing’s real estate arm, will now handle leasing, maintenance and filming at Riverview. (Via Tri-City News)