Whisky Wisemen promises an “exceptional event, the likes of which Vancouver has not seen before”

Credit: Courtesy of Whisky Wisemen

Whisky Wisemen CEO Lesley Brown (far left) will preside over another edition of Be Wise

The Be Wise Whisky Festival and Speaker Series aims to hit another level this year

The Whisky Wisemen Society’s Be Wise Whisky Festival and Speaker Series returns once again on May 25 at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre in Yaletown.

This incarnation of the biannual event will be divided into two parts: a two hour fireside chat with Indochino CEO Drew Green and Jill Earthy, Chief Growth Officer of FrontFundr, followed by a whisky festival featuring over 60 global whisky tastings.

Proceeds will be donated to Whisky Wisemen’s annual beneficiary, ?Working Gear?, while the whisky portion of the evening is presented by Northern Border Collection, the Glenlivet and J.P. Wisers.

Last year, the organization donated $50,000 to charities across North America.

“The Be Wise Speaker Series and Whisky Festival was created to change the platform on which business leaders connect,” says Whisky Wisemen CEO Lesley Brown. “In executing a professionalized whisky festival, we attract Vancouver’s top business owners, executives, and ultimately change-makers, all brought together by a love for whisky and a desire to do more in our communities.”

Brown, who launched Be Wise in early 2017 after being named CEO of Whisky Wisemen, has been instrumental in taking the Vancouver-based organization from a community into a global non-profit with five chapters. 

She predicts that attendees will not be disappointed: “Be Wise is truly an exceptional event, the likes of which Vancouver has not seen before.”