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Who Wants Grant Funding?

Matched, financed, funded: Pocketed unlocks grant funding and tax credits for start-ups and small businesses across North America.


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Credit: Pocketed

The Pocketed team is on a mission: to make grant funding more accessible to every business owner. Impactful funding, right in your back pocket. 

Matched, financed, funded: Pocketed unlocks grant funding and tax credits for start-ups and small businesses across North America

There’s a new kid on the grant funding block and small businesses from all sectors are signing up. Pocketed, a BC-based grant matching platform, was founded in the thick of COVID-19, and has since facilitated $1.5 million in funding to start-ups. And there’s a lot more where that came from.

“The ultimate goal at Pocketed is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to access non-diluted funding,” says Brianna Blaney, CEO and co-founder. “We grappled with this issue in a previous venture and recognize that at any given time, businesses in BC need access to funding.”

Grants come from private, provincial, and federal sources and amount to around $2.9 billion available annually in Canada. The free basic tier at Pocketed provides immediate access to the full database, and the optional paid tier offers access to consultations and database update alerts.

Credit: Pocketed

Brianna Blaney, Co-Founder & CEO, Pocketed | FUNDED BY IAP

“We make it as easy as possible by amalgamating all of the grants available in Canada, sorting them, and making them easy to access with a Pocketed profile,” Blaney says. “Our platform sifts through more than 300 grants and matches them to client profiles based on region, demographics and industry, saving business owners the trouble of having go through hundreds of individual websites.”

Pocketed has users in every category and size, and the platform generally digs up around 100 eligible matches per user. Although any size and industry of business can sign up for free with Pocketed, the platform was developed with a focus on small businesses, and that is where it is making the most impact.

“One big reason we are well-positioned is that small business owners might not be at a stage where they can work with a grant agency because many agencies won’t work with a business that small,” Blaney says. “We can fill that gap. There is no barrier in terms of size and scale at Pocketed. We have a lot of single member teams, and in some cases, they are able to bring on new people whereas on their own they would have had to spend 80% of their time just finding the funding.”

Credit: Pocketed

Aria Hahn, Co-founder & CTO, Pocketed | FUNDED BY IAP

Grants can come from various categories—private investors on behalf of a company or government sourced, provincially or federally. Pocketed helps business owners maximize their stacking options and offers access to its in-house vendors, which include grant writers, lawyers, accountants, shred specialists, and lenders.

The best part is, there is no charge for that. It is totally free to submit an inquiry and create an account or be matched with writer or vendor. “Whether using our paid or free tiers, we are always there to make referrals out and make sure businesses are matched to the right person,” Blaney says. “We do that work for you.”

The buzz about Pocketed is growing louder—this past year, the start-up raised over a million dollars in an oversubscribed round, indicating investors are excited about the prospects Pocketed offers.

“We aim to be a full-service solution,” Blaney says. “We are here to mitigate the major barriers business owners face, because we believe everyone, regardless of size or industry, deserves access to funding.”

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