Workplace Luminaries

Before the advent of electricity, work was, for the most part, confined to daylight hours. The industrious were said to “burn the midnight oil” with kerosene lamps. Since Edison, however, most late-night toil has been illuminated by a desk lamp of some sort. And since so much of what must be done within its halo is drudgery (let’s be honest), wouldn’t you rather the lamp was a pleasure to behold? – Steven Schelling

1. Barbara Cosgrove Cinema table lamp, $595 from Liberty,

2. Nickel Wildwood lamp, $625 from Jordan’s,

3. David Weeks #109 Adjustable Arc lamp, $1,100 from Provide,

4. Jonathan Adler desk lamp, $199 from Mint,

5. Nyfors lamp, $59.99 from Ikea,