Getting creative in a pandemic: Mustang Survival goes to gowns

The apparel maker is moving into medical equipment.

Credit: Courtesy of Mustang Survival

Mark Anderson, director of engineering and quality at Mustang Survival, checks out a life-jacket

The apparel maker is moving into medical equipment

“Survival” has taken on a different meaning in the past couple of months, and a well-known B.C. company that uses the word in its name has pivoted accordingly.

Burnaby-based Mustang Survival has been creating high-end outerwear, life-jackets and other gear in the province for more than 50 years, for military, marine and public safety professionals as well as outdoorsy types. But in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business has been working with local health authorities to produce a technical package that any manufacturer can access to create certified gowns for medical workers.

Mustang’s Burnaby lab has since been used to research, test and evaluate various prototypes and materials put forward for the gowns.

The company, which is awaiting sign-off from specialists, plans to work with the BC Apparel & Gear Association to create a package that includes pattern, technical specs and a list of certified Level 3 gown materials.

“It helps to cut through the noise and time wasted on ideas and what-ifs that just won’t pass certification and create focus on actual manufacturing that health authorities can be confident in knowing is already certified for their needs,” Mustang said in a release.