Amazon adds 3,000 jobs in Vancouver

Amazon will take over old Canada Post building in 2022

Credit: Google Maps

Company will take over old Canada Post building

If someone were to detail in one news blip how the technology wave has transformed the world, a story about an online retailer taking over a building formerly occupied by Canada Post would probably be regarded as a little on the nose.

But that’s the reality today, as Inc. announced that it will occupy the massive site at 349 West Georgia Street come 2022. The news comes on the heels of Amazon rejecting Vancouver’s bid for the company’s second headquarters. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mayor Gregor Robertson both spoke at a press conference held outside the building.

Trudeau ended his remarks by nodding at the habits of the tech industry, telling the crowd, “I’m sorry to keep you from your jobs today—productivity will decline—but it’s a good thing for us all.”

It didn’t take long for the event to turn to other subjects, though, as Trudeau fielded questions on NAFTA and the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

The prime minister, who opened his remarks by saying it was “so great to be back home in Vancouver,” isn’t the most popular person in the province right now, given that his government is pushing for the pipeline expansion against the wishes of Premier John Horgan and many others

“Some people think that there’s a choice to be made,” Trudeau said when asked about negotiations with Kinder Morgan.” We’re going to make sure this is done because it’s in the national interest.” 

Notably, Horgan was absent.

Trudeau was also asked about Vancouver Art Gallery, which was rumoured to be taking over the same building. After an answer in which he extolled his government’s relationship with the arts, the prime minister met a follow-up question (“So, what does that mean?”) with some snark.

“It means that I’m at a conference announcing new jobs for Amazon,” Trudeau said. “What do you want?”