Vancouver’s Boutique Hotel-inspired Shared Office

Even small firms can now have their own ‘Wow' space


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You don’t have to be big to have a space that impresses

Even small firms can now have their own ‘Wow’ space

When you think of impressive company headquarters, the first places that come to mind might be the likes of Amazon or Microsoft . Having a beautiful home base for professional businesses isn’t only for mega corporations, however.

Pavilion Cowork is making it possible for smaller ventures of all kinds to have their own head office in Vancouver in an upscale space with stunning modern design. It opens in September in the heart of Mount Pleasant, at 22 East 5th Avenue, and buzz has been building for months.

“Our intent with Pavilion is to be able to offer businesses of all sizes, scales, and industries the opportunity to have their own headquarters, a space they feel proud to bring their clients,” says Pavilion Cowork managing director Yosh Kasahara. “We’ve all heard about the Google or Apple headquarters, but we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if an engineering firm with two partners or an accounting firm of 12 people could have its own HQ – a professional, sophisticated space that supports its brand?’

“Local companies and people who are starting or growing their business are really excited about Pavilion, and the feedback so far is that we’re bringing something to Vancouver that they’ve never seen before,” Kasahara says.

The 11 Howard, a boutique hotel in New York’s SoHo district, was part of the inspiration for Pavilion Cowork’s refined design. Pavilion will also have floor-to-ceiling windows and contemporary, stylized furnishings.

The one-of-a-kind coworking space has everything modern professionals need: secure, private high-speed Internet connections; access to meeting rooms with integrated tech for video conferencing; and superior soundproofing for privacy and confidentiality.

It’s built to support active, healthy lifestyles: lockers, showers and towel service for bike commuters, ergonomic seating in offices, a fully equipped kitchen and more. There’s also a lounge space situated away from the offices, where people can meet with clients in more relaxed yet equally upscale environment.

Pavilion Cowork was inspired in part by the 11 Howard, a boutique hotel in New York

A number of options exist for workspaces which are accessible 24/7: private offices for one to nine people; hot desks with flexible seating arrangements and prime opportunities for networking. Virtual offices are also available for those who want a Vancouver mailing address, package receiving, phone answering service and meeting spaces.

Whether they work in the tech, design, finance, legal, engineering or any other professional space, members have an instant, built-in network. Two key ways successful businesses thrive are through word of mouth and relationships; these happen organically at Pavilion, akin to connecting with others at an exclusive, private club.

“Being part of the Pavilion community is going to lead to meeting new people on a day-to-day basis, and ultimately growing your business,” Kasahara says. “Already, we’re seeing that people are very excited to see who else is going to be there, with members coming from a diverse range of industries.”

Pavilion Cowork is a company that is part of the Alabaster Group of Companies, an award-winning Vancouver-based real estate developer. The group has brought its design, construction and management expertise together to create the city’s most sophisticated coworking space.

Prior to the September opening, visitors can check out Pavilion during its preview period this August. The Pavilion Event Series will allow prospective members to tour the space, and experience what joining the Pavilion community will be like. Interested parties can also book a personal tour through the space on the company’s website.

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Even small businesses should have an efficient, organized space

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