Big Fat Deal: $4.8 million for this barn-castle thing in Richmond

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 8880 Sidaway Road, Richmond
MLS: V1123564
The skinny: A sprawling, 13,413-sq.-ft. mansion with eight bedrooms, 11 baths and a six-car garage sitting on two acres.
The bling: Well, for starters, you can tell your friends you live on Richmond’s “Street of Dreams” (seriously, that’s the evocative epithet that apparently refers to this otherwise unremarkable suburban road running parallel to Highway 99). Then there’s the curiously timeless façade—part stucco, part stone cladding—and the flat roof, all dominated by an outsized portico. If you’ve ever wanted your own Hampton Inn to call home, this “country estate” could be for you. Step inside and relax in the barn-like living room, or really relax by staring at the ceiling, with its starburst relief accents and sky mural. A double-headed curved maple staircase leads to a balcony that rings the entire space and leads off to several large bedrooms just waiting to be injected with personality.
The hidden extras: As well as the regular high-end, fully-loaded gourmet affair, this property also boasts a BBQ kitchen, so no need to trouble yourself with a walk to the outdoor patio to get grilling. In fact, with its acres of indoor space, games and entertainment rooms, plus an indoor swimming pool, you may never need to walk the “Street of Dreams” again.