Big Fat Deal: $8 million for a (ridiculous) house in the wilds

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: Anmore Creek Way, Anmore
Price: $7,988,000
MLS: R2002330

The skinny: A six-bedroom, seven-bathroom, three-year-old property with over 10,000 square feet of living space on a one-acre lot.

The bling: This one’s for the super-sporty, slightly-less-than-rugged outdoorsman—the type of guy who likes his home comforts after a hard day’s leisure. And what home comforts: basically, anything a man could want in his cave—with knobs on. Sports courts (plural), putting green, seven-car garage, exercise room, huge indoor saltwater pool, top-notch media room, wine cellar, billiards room, bar…. Seriously, you may be living in the middle of nowhere, but you’d hardly call this an ascetic retreat. And what about her, you say? Well, there’s plenty of work to be done arranging those hundreds of pairs of shoes on her dressing room’s dedicated shelving area (though why one would need more than runners and hiking boots in this neck of the woods is anyone’s guess).

The hidden extras: You may be out in the wilds, but never fear, this house will keep you safe from what lurks outside your solid walnut front doors. A full security system with no less