Big Fat Deal: $9 million for a six-storey batcave in Whistler

Inside a $9-million four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,704-square-foot chalet in Whistler

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Address: 3350 Panorama Ridge, Whistler

Price: $8,998,000

Listing: W038528

The skinny: Four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,704-square-foot chalet in Whistler

The bling: Batcave alert: this six-storey Whistler icon is built into a cliff, is accessed via an elevator from underground and features an indoor-outdoor waterway that flows through several levels of the house before tumbling outside as a waterfall. Subtle, this “chalet” is not. Built for the super-loaded introverted extrovert, this boasts unimpeachable curb astonishment alongside an almost pathological privacy factor — they can gawk, but they’ll never know what’s going on inside. You could indeed walk around as the caped crusader of your fantasies, and no one would ever know. Then again, it was built by local real estate tycoon Viive Truu, who surely knows a thing about crime fighting: in 2015, Truu was named in a U.S. group lawsuit against Troy Stratos stating she lent him US$10 million after being told he was friends with the Saudi royal family and was experiencing cash flow issues. In 2016, Stratos was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison, partly on the testimony of Nicole Murphy (Eddie’s ex-wife), who was one of the 12 plaintiffs accusing Stratos of conning them out of their fortunes. PSA: Don’t believe everything you are told, especially when it’s barely more sophisticated than a spam email informing you about your long lost uncle who left you a million bucks in his will, so please forward your credit card details. Batman would sense a scam, and so should you.

The hidden extras: It’s a six-storey mansion built into a cliff—it’s all hidden extras. Steam rooms, secluded patios and a goddamned river running through it.