Here’s how much a house in Vancouver will cost in 2030

Vancouver real estate prices chart | BCBusiness

From condo life to extraterrestrial life: welcome to Vancouver

R.I.P. Your white-picket dream
A whopping $2.1 million: that will be what the average house in Vancouver will cost in 2030, according to a new report on affordability from Vancity. The result? Houses in Metro Vancouver—everywhere but Langley—will be unaffordable to a majority of B.C.ers. But the condo market, by contrast, has seen far more reasonable increases (see chart above). So while the $2.1-million pricetag for a house may seem shocking—and, yes, headline worthy—it’s not necessarily that Vancouverites won’t be able to afford to live here but rather that we’re growing into a city of apartments—like many other, larger cities. See the full report here.

The truth is out there, again
The X-Files is back. The hit sci-fi from the ’90s, which was filmed in Vancouver up until David Duchovny decided the show had to move to L.A.—either because he wanted to live closer to his then wife or because he didn’t like the rain, depending what story you read—has been resurrected as a limited six-part series. The latest X-Files instalment, the 2008 movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe, was shot in Vancouver.

Bennett cleared
B.C. Energy Minister Bill Bennett didn’t violate conflict of interest rules, the province’s conflict commissioner ruled on March 19. Bennett, who has a stake in the hunting industry as a creditor of a guide-outfitting operation, had involved himself in matters of hunting regulation in caucus meetings. The report, however, found that Bennett did not advocate on behalf of guide outfitters; for more on its findings, go here. And for BCBusiness‘s profile of Bennett from last fall, click here. (via the Globe and Mail)