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Fully Managed has figured out how businesses can get technology working for them

Establishing a standardized technology management system allows a company to focus on the growth of its business rather than IT issues 

While they would probably never admit it due to their Lean continuous improvement efforts, Fully Managed is leading the pack in helping the companies they support to truly get technology working for them. It certainly wouldn’t be an understatement to say a lot of business owners have a love-hate relationship with the technology in their office.

Whether it’s an inventory management system, a computer network or something as simple as a telephone and messaging system, technology can be a company’s greatest and most valuable asset. However, when these technologies aren’t managed and set-up correctly, what is meant to prevent inefficiencies at the office ends up being exactly that—and in the end business owners spend more time dealing with technology issues rather than focusing on the aspects of their business that would allow them to grow and achieve the goals for their respective clients. So what do companies need to do to get technology back on their good side so it’s working with them rather than against?

“When we work with a new partner, we figure out all the processes in their business that touch technology and record them,” says John Robertson, business development manager at Fully Managed—a Vancouver-based technology management company that supports, designs and hosts IT infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. It can be as simple as onboarding a new staff member and setting up their workstation. Since each department in a company may have a different way of doing things, by documenting the process, Fully Managed’s own proprietary software introduces companies to a whole other level of efficiency to their business, which at the end of the day can make all the difference in the world for employers and employees alike.

Clearly, companies recognize how staying organized with one’s IT infrastructure can improve a company’s workflow and bottom line, which ultimately puts them in a great situation to grow its core business functions.

“We get to know our partners really intimately, so we can understand where IT can contribute and potentially become a profit centre as opposed to a cost centre,” says Joel Abramson, CEO at Fully Managed. One such case is with Luvo, a local frozen foods company headquartered in Vancouver. Due to success in both Canadian and U.S. markets, their needs have grown to require support well above and beyond what most local IT company’s generally provide.

“We connected with Luvo a number of years back when they were in their growth state and they wanted a system that was sustainable—our cloud services were perfect for them. We also provide 24/7, 365 support for all their user-related issues including their head office in Vancouver and their food processing facility in Schaumburg, Illinois,” says Sheldon Westrheim, technical account manager at Fully Managed.

For businesses looking to grow, the best thing they can do is to get technology back on their side and working for them. To make that happen, they need to pay close attention to their IT infrastructure, properly document their technology processes and work with a reliable management partner who can provide strategy, standardized solutions and address any issues that arise.