New Ventures BC Competition top 10 includes innovations in real estate and health

The 21st edition has one more round left.

Ania Wysocka is founder of Rootd, one of the New Ventures BC Competitions top 10 finalists

The 21st edition has one more round left

As always, the New Ventures BC Competition (put on by Crown agency Innovate BC) features some of the province’s top up-and-coming tech names.

After three rounds, these 10 companies are still in contention for the $250,000 in cash and prizes on offer. You can register for the October 4 event here.


LetHub is a Victoria-based AI platform that automates communication between renters and property managers. After finishing in the top 25 last year, LetHub CEO (and chief happiness officer, as he refers to himself) Faizan Ali Khan is back in the ring.


Vancouver’s Matidor has already done a couple of laps on the awards circuit, including winning Best Innovation at the 2021 Small Business BC Awards. The geospatial software firm hit more than $1 million in revenue in the past year.

Moment Energy

The Surrey energy storage biz uses retired electric vehicle batteries to offer the performance of lithium batteries without the steep price. Despite being founded less than two years ago, Moment has won more than a dozen awards for its ingenuity in repurposing EV batteries, some 95 percent of which are disposed of improperly.


Pocketed bills itself as a free, all-in-one grant platform for businesses seeking funding. Founded by former BCBusiness 30 Under 30 winner Brianna Blaney and Aria Hahn, the Vancouver-headquartered outfit is looking to raise $750,000 for Canadian expansion.


The North Vancouver data analytics firm has succeeded in gaining B2C marketers like Lululemon Athletica, Red Bull and Interac after just over three years in business. Now co-founder and CEO Charlie Grinnell plans to focus on growth.


A top-10 finalist last year, Rootd is a Victoria-based anxiety and panic attack relief app. Its freemium model offers core services for free as well as monthly, annual and group subscriptions. Rootd and its founder, Ania Wysocka, have seen some 800,000 users in more than 150 countries.

Streamline Athletes

The Vancouver company is a data-driven collegiate sports platform that makes it easier for athletes and institutions alike to find each other. Streamline, which has about 25 employees, has been considered for national awards.

Total Flow Cannula

Vancouver’s Total Flow is developing a solution to help patients requiring a heart-lung machine. “Cannula” refers to a novel, specialized tubing that ensures blood flow to a patient’s leg during procedures.


Founded about a year and a half ago, TrafficDriven operates under the slogan “Everything is about to change.” That seems vague, but when it comes to buying, selling and trading cars, perhaps the Vancouver-based team is right. The company is building a dealer-fuelled marketplace that uses an AI-powered auction platform to move automobiles.

Train Fitness

The Vancouver-based team behind Train Fitness has created what it calls the first wearable tracker capable of automatically detecting sets and reps during a workout. The app, which monitors the motion of smart watches to track movement, provides real-time coaching to help users improve.