On Trend: B.C. goes electric on land and water

To save the planet–or fuel expenses–B.C. is going electric on land and water

Credit: EV Rentals

To save the planet–or fuel expenses–the province is embracing zero-emission cars and boats

B.C. residents bought triple the electric vehicles in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year (2,564 versus 849, according to EV promoter FleetCarma). Not ready to commit? Richmond’s EV Rentals focuses on electric and hybrid cars in a variety of makes and models, including the long-range Tesla Model 3.

In Charge

B.C.’s Charging Solutions and Incentives Program received so many requests for rebates toward installing electric vehicle plug-in equipment that it’s putting some people on waiting lists and has cut off home applications entirely. In July, BC Hydro completed the second phase of its EV fast-charging network, now from the Alberta border to Tofino, bringing the total number of stations to 58. The previous month, Shell Canada and Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corp. opened the country’s first retail hydrogen vehicle refuelling station. It’s on Granville Street in Vancouver.

Water World

The Templar 26, launched this summer, is the first in a series of electric boats designed and built in Kelowna by Templar Marine Group, Gilbert Creative Group and Vector Powerboats. Vancouver’s Westcoast Sightseeing now offers zero-emission electric boat tours using vessels from California’s Duffy Electric Boat Co., operating since 1970.