Vancouver tech startup launches design-to-code tool for iOS

Vancouver-based technology company JABT Labs Inc. has announced the launch of Flow, a fully integrated animation design-to-code tool for iOS used to instantly and accurately translate designs into code for Swift/iOS and HTML5/CSS.

Flow imports user designs from Sketch and immediately moves them into production. Using high-quality code-export tools, a designer’s vision is preserved and accurately represented in the final product. This could help mitigate the inefficiency of workflow between designers and developers; time once spent on costly revisions could be used more on infrastructure and to build better code for applications.

Flow key features include:

  • Sketch integration: In-app animation straight from a designer’s Sketch file
  • Animation tools: Flow automatically animates between two linked artboards, and allows users to edit the states directly from the timeline
  • Exporting code: To export animations as high-quality, production-ready native code like Swift/iOS or HTML5/CSS
  • Customizable code export templates: Customization on how the code will be exported 

The company has secured $1.3 million in funding and is expected to use it to support development and bring the product to market.