Vancouver tech startup partners with NFL team

Credit: Miami Dolphins Cheer on Twitter

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders support #FinsGearFriday

Nimbyx, HUB International and the Miami Dolphins get together for fan-friendly contest

Nimbyx Ltd., an e-commerce business, has joined forces with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League.

Founded in 2016, Vancouver-based Nimbyx originally made a name for itself by reducing overhead costs for smaller dental businesses, but the company has started using its online marketplace in other industries. The Dolphins deal will see it team up with U.S.-based insurance brokerage Hub International to deliver the team’s #FinsGearFriday promotional event.

When they enter the contest (which picks a winner for every home game the team plays) by posting pictures of themselves in Miami Dolphins apparel on Fridays, fans will have a chance to purchase two types of Hub insurance at premium levels not usually available for individuals. 

The first gives customers on-demand direct access to certified medical professionals; the second option provides identity theft reimbursement insurance and access to fraud resolution experts. 

Nimbyx is giving the Dolphins and Hub the online support to make this happen.

“There’s a massive digital transformation happening across many industries to meet the speed and service needs of customers,” Paolo Kalaw, Nimbyx’s founder and CEO, said in a statement. “The insurance industry is at the early stage of this disruption, as consumers rely on technology for a more convenient and fully digital experience.”