Why Telus just killed its pager service (you can probably guess)

Telus stops pager service, trucker woes continue, and another fashion chain comes to Canada

Paging Telus
Yes, people do still use pagers in B.C., although Telus will discontinue pager service on March 31. “We are turning down the service because very few people still use it,” Telus spokesperson Chris Garretson told CBC. “This is 30-year-old technology—the infrastructure is aging, and replacement parts are difficult to get.” In 2013, 161,500 Canadians had pager service, mainly health-care workers and first responders, as pagers are not only less expensive than cellphones but can also be more reliable. Bell and Rogers have no immediate plans to discontinue their paging services. (via CBC)

Truck wars
Port Metro Vancouver has decreased the number of container trucks approved to serve the port to 1,450 from more than 2,000, granting access to just 68 companies under a new licensing system finalized Friday. More than 600 truckers say this leaves them without work. According to Port Metro Vancouver vice-president Peter Xotta, the goal is to reduce the number of drivers so those remaining can earn a good living. Approval criteria included the ability to pay fees to fund the provincial auditing program and the new provincial trucking commissioner, plus minimum environmental and safety standards for trucks. Last spring, more than 1,200 drivers went on strike to increase pay levels, but earlier this month truckers announced they were prepared to strike again as the negotiated rates were not being paid. (via CBC)

Life after Target 
Uniqlo, Japan’s price-conscious classic-clothing chain, and Asia’s largest clothing retailer, is coming to Vancouver. Undaunted by the Target Canada debacle, in fall 2016 Uniqlo will open two approximately 25,000-sq.-ft. stores in Toronto, followed by a presence in Vancouver. The company will be recruiting in Canada to staff the new stores. Uniqlo, a brand of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., has more than 1,500 stores in 16 markets worldwide and produces clothing for men, women, children and infants under brands that include Airism, HeatTech and Ultra-Light Down.