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Small Shippers in a Big World


Photo courtesy C & D Logistics

C&D Logistics leverages more than 10,000 global relationships to offer buying power to small and medium size companies

When you’re a multi-national corporation sending a hundred plus shipments daily, the carriers listen. You have the buying power and maybe even a large logistics department to make sure your freight moves as it should, when it should, for the price it should.

But what about small and medium sized businesses? If you are shipping once a month or five times a week, the cost can be high, and the logistics planning can be overwhelming. This situation calls for outsourcing to a strategic partner. 

“We are a third-party logistics company with fairly deep roots,” says Dana Matheson, president and CEO of C&D Logistics in Vancouver. “Small and medium businesses benefit from our services because we have more than 10,000 partners around the world and we ship so much freight we are able access high volume shipping rates through our relationships, most dating back 20 plus years.”

Think of it like a Costco membership without the fee or a group benefits plan run through the Chamber of Commerce. A small, single location grocery store might not be able to access direct volume pricing from a supplier, but with a Costco membership, they can. A company with few employees may not necessarily establish the best benefits plan but being grouped through the Chamber with 500+ other companies can make robust benefit plans more accessible. 

“If you are a small or medium sized company trying to navigate the system and negotiate better pricing, you need the volume, the relationships and the history to get that pricing,” Matheson says. “We have been in business for three decades, and we do thousands of shipments per month. We leverage our relationships with our carriers so the companies who work with us can enjoy that benefit.”

Speaking of benefits, C&D Logistics is well-known for its exceptional customer service. Signing up for an account means customers immediately start saving money and have access to a team of experts, each of whom is obsessed with ensuring the customer’s experience is first class.

“Any time your freight’s damaged, lost or delayed, we have people there 24/7,” Matheson says. “We have experts in different departments for value-add purposes who can walk you through every step of the process, track your freight down to the second, and take you through from pickup to delivery, for no additional cost. It’s certainly a win-win.”

Whether the freight moves on a truck, train, boat or plane C&D Logistics can get it from A to B, and there is nothing they can’t quote on. Find out more at

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