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UniUni: The New Face of Shipping in Canada

The most affordable and reliable shipping option is taking Canada by storm with flat fees and an eye on social responsibility


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Credit: UniUni

The most affordable and reliable shipping option is taking Canada by storm with flat fees and an eye on social responsibility

With unpredictable delivery disruptions and shipping delays, the state of Canadian shipping is due for an overhaul. That’s where UniUni comes in—an all-new type of delivery service that pioneered the Uber-style and last mile delivery method. 

UniUni is a Canadian company that focuses on providing the most reliable shipping while equally taking the top spot as the most affordable shipping option.

“There are two major problems with using existing logistics service providers,” says CEO + Founder, Peter Lu. “First, costs are very high for businesses with small volumes, and second, for businesses with high delivery volume, the service providers are often not able to handle the capacity, which will eventually result in a delivery backlog or even paralysis.”

The team at UniUni noticed it is possible to alleviate the high cost and instability caused by unstable demand in logistics by adopting a crowd-sourced delivery model, similar to Uber. And the market has confirmed UniUni’s assumptions. 

“We were able to achieve a tenfold increase in business volume every year and are able to provide stable services throughout the rapid growth,” Lu says. 

Quick delivery times? Check. Driver accountability? No problem. Free second delivery? Mastered. Not only does UniUni change the game by guaranteeing the basics to the highest standard, but it has also thrown in a few head-turning perks, including a focus on driver satisfaction and socially responsible practices.

For one thing, deliveries are made for a flat fee—nothing hidden, nothing extra. That means with UniUni, you’re enjoying the best possible cost while independent contract drivers are earning a respectable income in this hyper-flexible delivery model.  

“In addition to having a great team and significant market potential, I invest in companies that are innovative and can make a social impact,” says Michael Yang, an investor in UniUni. “UniUni fits all the criteria. The social impact part is important to me as virtually all my startup investments are focused on impact-driven businesses. UniUni’s crowd-sourced delivery business model, using the spare capacity of people who already own cars, is significantly more environmentally-friendly than capital-intensive operations of traditional delivery methods.”

If you own an ecommerce business and are looking to get more reliable shipping options, UniUni might be your perfect match.

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