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Jul 1, 2011
The Politics of Vancouver Blogs

The offices of the Vancouver Observer are on the 15th floor of a condo tower with a view of False Creek. This three-bedroom apartment also doubles as the home of Linda Solomon and her two young sons. In an open-concept...

Mar 7, 2011
Vancouver Bedbugs: The Bloodsucking Menace

Vancouver bedbugs – considered by many a scourge 
from days gone by – are back with a 
vengeance, creating boom times for the city’s pest-control professionals. The Vancouver house where I meet Mark Amery looks like a war zone. The furniture in this homey, if rundown, two-storey Strathcona dwelling has been pushed from the walls and upturned, garbage bags full of clothes and books are heaped in the middle of each room, and the shelves and closets have been ransacked. 

Nov 3, 2010
Taxi Drivers: Vancouver's Road Warriors

Taxi drivers are the 
stock characters – the 
crazies, the confidants – 
of countless movies and 
TV shows. Sometimes, most notably in the 1976 eponymous film by Martin Scorsese, they even get 
a starring role. Almost 
never is a cabbie’s day 
boring – and never has 
their work environment been more challenging 
than it is today.

Aug 5, 2009
The Other Team

If their lives were a movie, Joy MacPhail and James Shavick’s Hollywood ending would have come with their Hollywood wedding in 2005. The one-time B.C. finance minister and the TV and movie producer responsible for hits such as The New...

Jun 3, 2009
Chris Staples Rethinks Vancouver Advertising

THESE DAYS when someone mentions advertising, one of the first things to come to mind is the critically lauded TV drama Mad Men. The American Movie Classics series, set around the life of Don Draper – the handsome, hypnotically charming creative...

Oct 9, 2008
Technology Winner: Kevin Ham

Kevin Ham Reinvent Technology Kevin Ham is far too low-key and modest to invite comparisons to Donald Trump. But by quietly amassing a stable of more than 300,000 web domain names, including, and, the CEO of Reinvent Technology is a virtual real estate titan. Having put together...

Aug 1, 2008
Big Picture Thinker: William Vince

Every Saturday night on a desolate downtown stretch of Vancouver’s Main Street, District 319 casts a ray of light and movie magic. The newly refurbished movie house, just a few rundown, gated storefronts away from the itinerant souls huddled around...

Aug 1, 2007
Hastings Racetrack: Let it Ride

For sheer excitement and drama, nothing beats Hastings racetrack. And getting in on the action with a horse of your own can cost as little as a few hundred dollars a month (if you’re willing to share). But be warned; you could get trampled.

May 1, 2007
Virtual Economy: Get A Second Life

In a world that exists only on computer screens, virtual consumers (controlled by real people seated at computer desks) teleport to malls and window-shop along virtual high streets for goods ranging from ball gowns to hovercraft. With a simple wiggle and click of a mouse, visitors enter these shops, browse around and, often, purchase the wares on display.

Nov 1, 2006
Daved Benefield: Glory Days

What happens when a professional athlete hits retirement age? For some, life after sports can be as traumatic as getting cross-checked into the boards or upended at the 50-yard line. Meet some athletes who traded their fans for clients and lived to score another day.

Jul 1, 2006
Working Relationships: When Business Gets Personal

What happens when you work in an office with the person you wake up with every morning? Meet three couples who took their ¬personal relationships into business and thrived – even when the personal, love life side hits the rocks.

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