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May 29, 2013
Q & A with Google's Chris O'Neill

With a packed house at the Hotel Vancouver on May 28, the Vancouver Board of Trade hosted Google Canada’s managing director, Chris O’Neill, for a talk on big-picture tech trends. Born in rural Ontario, O’Neill was introduced to business early, through his parents’ small Canadian Tire franchise, but cut his...

Oct 5, 2012
Vancouver's Game Studio Brain Drain

B.C. is losing out in the battle for game developers. B.C. is playing a high-stakes game against Ontario and Quebec. The winner gets thousands of high-paying jobs and the losers suffer a costly brain drain that promises to hurt long-term economic development. This game is all about making games, and so far B.C. is losing badly.

Aug 6, 2012
The Benefits of Partially Private Aviation

When your private jet lands in Cabo San Lucas at the resort town’s new airport that’s reserved exclusively for private aircraft, a greeter meets you with a tray of cervezas. That’s one of the examples Darryl Saunders, vice-president of Aurora...

Jul 3, 2012
Uncovering Former Gas Station Land

Canada’s first gas station opened at the corner of Cambie and Smithe streets “in or before 1907,” according to the plaque that Imperial Oil installed at the site in 1955, to commemorate the company’s 75th anniversary. The first gas-powered car...

May 7, 2012
Sendum Wireless's Old-Fashioned Startup Story

When a convicted criminal in Florida recently decided to seek revenge on his arresting officer, he figured wrapping aluminum foil around his ankle tracker would take him off the grid long enough to track down his nemesis. But as Wayne...

Jan 3, 2012
Who Wins When Companies Wage Patent Wars?

War is a favourite metaphor in discussions about intellectual property (or IP) law, and it’s easy to understand why. In litigation, patents are wielded like weapons: Owners of intellectual property use them to attack competitors, wringing big settlements out of infringement claims, and those companies that find themselves unarmed rush...

Dec 5, 2011
When Startup Accelerators Hit the Brakes

The idea behind startup “accelerators” would seem to be a no-brainer: take a group of young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas and early-stage un-funded companies, put a roof over their heads and provide a small investment and some basic business services...

Nov 7, 2011
Off Script: Iain Black

Having occupied the rarefied reaches of B.C. government, Iain Black turned heads by making the quick decision to leap back to the private sector. Now comes his latest challenge – giving voice to B.C.’s business community as the head of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Nov 7, 2011
The Untapped PR Resource of Vancouver Bloggers

If you take a trip in the time machine back to the early days of the web, before what we know now as social media was even a glint in a gawky Harvard freshman’s eye, you’ll find hand-wringing and curiosity...

Oct 6, 2011
Mary Jane Stenberg, Surrey Board of Trade

A lot of educators talk about bringing more entrepreneurial thinking into B.C.’s colleges and universities, but few mean it quite as literally as Mary Jane Stenberg. While working in management for Coast Mental Health, she found herself consistently short of...

Oct 6, 2011
The Real Cost of Vancouver Bike Lanes

Vancouver's bike lanes and the politics of building civic infrastructure. The results are in: according to the two studies commissioned by the City of Vancouver to evaluate the impacts of the new separated bike lanes on Hornby and Dunsmuir streets, some businesses were harmed by installation of the bike lanes.

Sep 8, 2011
How Viking Air Builds a de Havilland Twin Otter

The Foyer at Viking Air Occupying a two-story wall in the foyer of the Saanich head office, a rendering of one of the original de Havilland Twin Otter drawings reminds Viking workers of their plane's heritage. And the headaches involved in getting Twin Otter Wing Strut Assembly An assembly worker rivets wing struts...

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