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Sep 20, 2018
Travel: The best tips for packing light

Jennifer and Stephen Bailey, Cursor & ThreadThey’re making old-timey sartorialism casual-chic again, with dandy button-on suspenders and ties, scarves and pocket squares in cool fabrics, from linen to Japanese cotton. This Vancouver couple travel stylishly, efficiently and carry-on-only when visiting...

Aug 16, 2018
New-generation airport lounges and laser tag cruise ships

Cool summer Swim against the current this summer by going north. Norwegian Bliss debuts out of Seattle as the largest cruise ship to Alaska, with a racetrack and laser tag for the kids, Jersey Boys and Margaritaville dining for grown-ups. Or catch some Yukon...

Jun 20, 2018
Travel: In our new Carry On column, John Fluevog shares his tips for a better trip

FLYING BY THE knows which aircraft seats don’t recline and which ones intersect head or galley traffic, but it doesn’t have this red-eye tip: right-side sleepers should book window seats on the plane’s right (left-side sleepers, the reverse) for...

Dec 20, 2017
Travel: Luxurious Fogo Island Inn is worth a trip to Newfoundland

You may blink when you glimpse the from the gravel service road: a pale slab floating like a rogue iceberg on a stark chunk of rock about 16 kilometres off the northeast coast of Newfoundland. Open the inn’s massive red-knobbed...

Dec 6, 2011
Travelling to Bialowieza, Poland

Going to the source 
for a vodka tour 
of Poland. I’m down on my hands and knees at 5 a.m. in the wet underbrush of the Bialowieza forest in northeast Poland, so close to the former Soviet border that my cellphone beeps with a text erroneously welcoming me to Belarus. My Lululemon pants are soaked in thick dew and fragrant mud – at least I think it’s mud. The dinner-plate-sized piles might just be the leavings of the huge, shaggy beasts...

Sep 5, 2011
Luxury Cruising on the Mediterranean

Planes, trains and automobiles, 
yes. Even vaporetti, helicopters and private jets. But until this year, after more than a decade as a travel writer, I had never been on a cruise. Travel writers can be a snooty bunch, turning up...

Jan 6, 2010
Travelling to Lanai, Hawaii

Travelling to Lanai, Hawaii: Perfect weather, a languid pace (did we mention world-class golf?) – Lanai is the insider’s Hawaiian island of choice. I have a friend who won’t go to Hawaii. She made a girlhood pledge that it would remain...

Sep 2, 2009
Travelling to Jerusalem, Israel

Navigating the cultural and religious – and even architectural – tensions of historic Jerusalem. “Don’t get Jerusalem Syndrome,” a friend warned me before I left for Israel. He described the religious fever that paralyzes some culture-shocked visitors after visiting holy sites...

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