Which celebs would star in movies based on B.C. companies?

We cast films based on some famous local success stories.

We cast films based on some famous local success stories

We’ll be honest, it wasn’t exactly a hard sell to get us to pay up for the recent film BlackBerry. For starters, any story about a Canadian company is playing with house money when it comes to our interests. Add in the fact that the film has great performances from Jay Baruchel and Glenn Howerton and compelling direction from Matt Johnson (who also stars in the film, rather hilariously), and it really is no surprise that we—and many other reviewers—were solidly in its corner. 

The Social Network model seems to be hitting something of a peak in recent years, as BlackBerry is just one of a barrage of recent movies and TV shows based on true business stories, like Air and Tetris. There’s even the upcoming Flamin’ Hot based on the titular Cheetos product. 

So we thought we’d pitch some stories based on B.C businesses. Listen up, studios.


Title: Little Black Stretchy Pants
Cast: John Cena as young Chip Wilson, Jeff Bridges as older Chip Wilson

It only makes sense to have the title of Chip’s book also serve as the movie’s title. Lululemon’s journey from a yoga studio to a global apparel company would be an intriguing story, as would its founder’s eventual fallout with the board. As for the cast, we might need John Cena to slim down slightly, but Chip is an imposing figure, and we need two fairly imposing dudes to play him on both sides. Bridges went bald for Iron Man, let’s hope he goes for it again.


Title: Postponed
Cast: John Krasinski as Ryan Holmes

The title is both a nod to what the social media scheduler does and the long-rumoured IPO that never came. Maybe more interesting than what the company actually accomplished (and continues to build) is the tech ecosystem it and Holmes helped to foster in Vancouver and Canada. The more recent layoffs and CEO turnover might be better fodder for a script though. It feels like Krasinski could pull off Holmes’ easy-going demeanour and hey, he has experience in an office setting. 


Title: The Hedgehog
Cast: Elizabeth Banks as young Karen Flavelle, Julianne Moore as older Karen Flavelle, John Lithgow as Charles Flavelle

You have to think that the art department on this film would have a field day. The company that continues to define chocolate in B.C. deserves to be portrayed on the big screen, with the main story revolving around Karen first being discouraged from joining the company and then eventually buying it from her father. With Karen also set to do the same with one of her children, the story continues.


Title: Sweet Dreams
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz as Tara Bosch

The story of Tara Bosch, who founded low-sugar candy brand SmartSweets at 21 years old and eventually sold it for a reported $360 million, is a story that needs to be made into a film or TV series, straight up. Perhaps there’s another layer to Bosch’s story that becomes apparent as she gets older that makes the story even better. Or she just quietly enjoys her millions.


Title: Bag Men
Cast: Taron Edgerton as Jamie Cormack, Andrew Garfield as Lyndon Cormack

The founders of Herschel have done a very good job of not going public with much internal drama. That isn’t to say that they haven’t faced some strife—including an impactful round of layoffs a few years ago. We need the full story of the brothers and the backpacks that have largely taken over the world. Edgerton and Garfield are well versed in these types of true stories, with Edgerton starring in both Tetris and Rocketman, and Garfield of course playing a pivotal role in The Social Network.


Title: Cell Cell Cell
Cast: Corey Stoll as Carl Hansen

One of Vancouver’s biggest recent success stories out of COVID is only getting bigger. Its transformation from a UBC lab to public company would no doubt make for an interesting tale. Let’s revisit in a couple years, as this is likely only the start.

Marc Anthony Group

Title: By The Glass
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg as young Anthony Von Mandl, Bryan Cranston as older Anthony Von Mandl

It’s a bit of a crime that most Canadians—and Vancouverites especially —don’t know much about Anthony Von Mandl. Sure, they know he’s the Mission Hill winery guy, and maybe they know that his company launched Mike’s Hard Lemonade. But most have no idea he created White Claw and sold it primarily in the U.S. until a non-compete in Canada—from the sale of Mike’s Hard—ran out. He’s a true tycoon in the liquor industry and we need his whole story, from selling wine out of his car to becoming a multi-billionaire. Maybe we’re leaning too hard on The Social Network thing again, but come on, Eisenberg would be great as a young Von Mandl. We debated Kenneth Branagh as the ideal older Von Mandl, but Cranston would be irresistible.

Cactus Club/Earls

Title: Dished
Cast: Josh Charles as Richard Jaffray, Willie Nelson as Bus Fuller, Michael Keaton as Stan Fuller

AI could probably write the script for this just based on the many news articles involving former Earls waiter Jaffray and the Fuller family. (Who am I kidding, AI could write all these scripts.) In any case, the competition between Jaffray’s Cactus Club franchise and the Fuller family’s Earls would make for delicious fodder, from the lawsuits all the way until the ending, when the latter eats the former.