BC Liberal Leadership Candidates

Getting familiar with the personal and professional lives of the BC Liberal leadership candidates.

The Globe and Mail has corralled profiles of each BC Liberal candidate into a one-stop slideshow. Where were they born, when did they enter politics, what’s their most noteworthy quote? For your convenience, here are your BC Liberal candidates, under the microscope.


George Abbott

“Best known for: His wit – and bringing down the price of asparagus.”

George Abbott Campaign


Christy Clark

“She was either a crusading education minister or one spoiling for fights.”

Christy Clark Campaign | Christy Clark: Why I Should Be Leader


Kevin Falcon

“Carole James denounced his plan to twin the Port Mann Bridge as a ‘dumb and dumber’ scheme.”

Kevin Falcon Campaign | Kevin Falcon: Why I Should Be Leader


Mike de Jong

“He likes to listen to Gordon Lightfoot while doing paperwork.”

Mike de Jong Campaign



Moira Stilwell

“The first candidate to enter the race to lead the BC Liberals.”

Moira Stilwell Campaign



Ed Mayne

“Says he has been to every community in Canada with more than 10,000 residents.”

Ed Mayne Campaign