Bryce Williams

Chief, Tsawwassen First Nation

Age: 25

The Story: Public service runs through Bryce Williams’s blood. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, each of whom served on Tsawwassen band council, Williams became involved in politics at an early age as a youth representative on council. He moved to Haida Gwaii after high school to apprentice under Haida artist Christian White and returned when he won a seat on band council at the age of 19. By 23, Williams had been elected chief of the 450-member First Nation—one of the youngest chiefs in the province’s history—and has since overseen multiple business projects on Tsawwassen lands.

Markers of Success: Two new shopping malls nearing completion on Tsawwassen territory are poised to draw business to the area, provide jobs for Tsawwassen members and showcase Tsawwassen art and artisans. Meanwhile, several projects on Tsawwassen industrial lands close to Delta Port Way, including a container examination facility, will bring even more economic activity to the area. —Jessica Barrett

my biggest regret

“Not pursuing my art career. I still am an artist, but I can’t commit as much time as I would like”