CEOs in Cars, Episode 4: CKR Global’s Robert Burns

BCBusiness teamed up with the Dilawri Group of Companies for a unique online video series titled CEOs in Cars, featuring high-performance business leaders driving equally high-performance cars

Episode 4 features Robert Burns, president and CEO of CKR Global, Canada’’s premier provider of risk mitigation and investigation services. What does that mean, exactly? They reduce risk, minimize loss and increase human safety, enabling clients to get their work done in the planet’s most dangerous places. While driving the new, 2014 Inifity Q50, a subdued, elegant ride. It may start at under $40,000, but it still offers 328 horses in a 3.7 V6 and seven-speed automatic.

Burns lets viewers in on his action-packed life—from racing cars in his downtime, to outrunning drug cartel roadblocks in deepest, darkest Mexico. Buckle up, because this CEOs in Cars episode takes no prisoners.