Natalie Clancy

CBC Vancouver's Natalie Clancy.


CBC Vancouver’s Natalie Clancy.

Where would we see you in this outfit? I’m wearing this to my husband’s Christmas party. I also wore this to last year’s Jack Webster journalism awards, which was quite black tie. How much did you dole out for this look? I am famous for spending very little. I’m on a budget because I’m on a CBC salary and I have three-year-old twin boys. This pair of Wal-Mart pants cost $18.99. I’ll spend a bit more on my tops, because that’s what you see on TV when I’m reporting; you don’t see my lower half. I got this top off the rack at Macy’s, for $99. The sweater is from Winners, and it cost $16. Not into skirts or dresses? I don’t do them. Being a reporter, there are many days when I have to run on the job to make a deadline, and I can’t do that in a fancy dress and pantyhose and high-heeled shoes. I’ve always got a bag packed with three or four days’ supply of clothes, just in case. What do you pack? I’ve got a couple of pairs of black pants and thermal underwear in case I get sent to an avalanche. The best invention was knitted sweaters that have a cotton collar sewn in. But I just went to Uganda for 14 days and wore the same thing every day. We were filming a documentary and it looks ridiculous to have your correspondent keep changing her outfit in a one-hour doc. What about makeup? You’ve got to splurge somewhere. No, because I get an industry discount. If you work in TV you get 30-per-cent off MAC Cosmetics. How do you keep presentable with two toddlers around? It’s not bad now, but when they were a little bit younger, I had to check for baby slobber or sticky hands and other things that come out of babies. Sometimes I’d change a couple of times before I even got to work.