One Life, Two Careers

A partner in a prominent Richmond law firm explains how he’s doubled up on careers

Perry Ehrlich enjoys the best of all professional worlds, with a dual career that pairs business law and producing musical theatre. A partner for the last 32 years at Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP in Richmond, Ehrlich’s clients include Costco Wholesale Ltd., Keg Restaurants Ltd., Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. and Patrick Roberge, international entertainment producer and creative director for the PNE. Ehrlich sees himself first and foremost as a business lawyer, but it was a natural choice to make room for musical theatre in his professional life.

“I’m very passionate about my law work; I’m very passionate about my musical-theatre work. Music has been a source of much joy throughout my whole life.” He works at least 40 hours a week at the law firm, but sometimes spends all day or all evening at his musical theatre job. “After 35 years of being a business lawyer, you need time where you’re in an environment that’s completely different.”