Paul Nijjer

Regional Sales Manager, The Golf Group

Where did you pick up those groovy pants? They were made by Joe Anthony at Anthony’s Custom Tailors in White Rock. He specializes in suits but he makes golf pants for me. These were about $700. There are three little holsters on the right side where you can put golf tees. You’ve matched them with some classy leather shoes. These are FootJoy Classics. They were about $500 and they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. I have a similar pair in white. Actually, I have about 10 pairs of golf shoes. I have a bit of a, well, I won’t call it a “challenge,” but I really like shoes. You must have a big closet. I do. But it’s very well organized. Everything is laid out like a production line in the order I put it on. First there’s the pants, then the shirts, the belts, the shoes, then the watches. I have a thing for watches, too. How many watches do you have? About 16. This one is the latest. It’s a Panerai which I recently bought at Palladio in Vancouver. This model ranges from $4,500 to $9,000. That must have been a splurge. It was a definite splurge. I’ve admired these watches for a long time and they’re very hard to find. So how did a hipster like you get into golf? I’d never played golf until I was 21, but my boss took me out for a game and I got hooked. I left that job and took a job as a dishwasher at a course in Pitt Meadows, because I wanted a career in the golf industry. Do you see a lot of other fashionistas on the course these days? You do now, and plaid is coming back. If you saw the movie Happy Gilmore, there’s the line: “Golf is some old guy with a big fat ass and plaid pants.” But golf, fashion-wise, is cool now. Even Versace is making stuff that’s geared toward golfers.