Quotes from 5 Top B.C. CEOs

Mike Pratt, COO, Best Buy Canada

“I always say that our goals are twofold. One is growth; the other is providing our 20,000 employees with a great place to work and make a career.”
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Christine Day, CEO, Lululemon

“I think people underestimate who are are; they say we’re just a yoga brand. I think they underestimate the size of the opportunity, and the second thing they underestimate is the structural integrity of the busi

David Bowden, CEO, Colliers Macaulay Nicolls

“Well it’s really been quite interesting. The economic downturn of 2009 really knocked the wind out of the commercial real estate asset class as an investment opportunity, but in 2010 it came roari

Faye Wightman, CEO, Vancouver Foundation

“Nowadays there are so many asks out there. It’s become the vogue to send money internationally. There’s a part of me that believes strongly that you should do both – to look after your home

Jon Schubert, CEO, ICBC

“I tell my staff, if you’re a monopoly or a semi-monopoly, you’d better be better than everybody else. Because if you’re not, you’re done.”
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