Talking ’bout My Resolutions: Dan Terry

Dan Terry Owner, Denman Island Chocolate Ltd. Denman Island Chocolate, a seven-person business located on one of B.C.’s Gulf Islands, produces 3,000 organic chocolate bars a day. What was 2008 “The Year Of”? Transition, absolutely. We had a building built, moved into the new facility and bought a 40-year-old chocolate-bar wrapping machine made in Spain. What keeps you up at night? Staff issues. I only have women who work for me. They’re great workers but the relationships can be fraught. “You look great today. That’s a nice hairstyle.” These things go a long way. If you could wave a magic wand, what would appear – or disappear – on Jan. 1? A primary chocolate manufacturer would appear on Denman Island. As a small producer, I’m reliant on large producers to make my base chocolate. What’s your top goal for 2009? Getting away from it more. I want the business to be able to walk on its own. Denman Island is an intense place to run a business. It’s a small island, and that makes everything complicated. In your world, what needs to happen to make 2009 a success? Nothing new. Chocolate is recession-proof. If we were making $500 shoes, I’d be concerned. But I’m making $3 chocolate bars, so I’m confident.