The Benefits of Executive Coaching

How to motivate leaders with executive training.

Change in the corporate environment is inevitable. How does one manage change effectively? It is essential to have a consistent, value-based vision in conjunction with a strategic action plan. That’s what Tania Walter Gardiner, an enrolment adviser, coach and corporate trainer with Erickson Corporate International (ECI), seeks to establish with her clients. “All the questions I ask during my coaching sessions are geared towards supporting clients to achieve clarity,” she says.
Do most executives have a definite idea of what they want for their company and themselves? “Many have an idea and a plan of action,” says Gardiner. “Working in partnership, we create a clear and detailed vision of what they want and the importance of the results they want to create. Then we design an action plan that brings that vision to fruition. We flesh out the details of the plan and look at it from various perspectives, which helps identify challenges and solutions before we implement the plan.”
Sometimes, due to Gardiner’s insightful probing, a client may realize they’ve had a shift in perspective and new ideas are generated. Sometimes, the client is even motivated to design a more effective business strategy. “Terms such as respect, honesty and professionalism are routinely used to describe an organization, but what do those words actually mean and look like in action?” says Gardiner. “It is important to become clear on the definition of these value words, and how they are manifested in the corporate environment.”
“For example,” she continues, “if you were to demonstrate respect and professionalism, what would the behaviour look like? What would you be doing? What is the meaning? By encouraging clients to envision, they get a clear idea of outcomes and resourcefully come up with the most appropriate words and methods of communication to manage change within their company.”
In conjunction with Erickson Corporate International, Gardiner provides professionals clarity, enabling clients to quickly check if an opportunity is of true value to their organization. “With clarity you become in control instead of chaotic, purposeful instead of apprehensive,” she says. “With clear insight on what is important, you will become more focused and begin to take the proper steps, with confidence, to achieve what you want.”

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