Trish Dolman

Screen Siren's Trish Dolman.


Screen Siren’s Trish Dolman.

Cute outfit. Where’d you find the suit? It’s from Motherland, on Main Street. I just got it – I liked the cute piping in the jacket and the polka dots in the skirt. It’s by a local designer who designs the label Allison Wonderland. I buy a lot of her stuff and it’s not too expensive. I think I paid around $200 for the jacket and skirt together. I like to dress kind of funky: clothes with interesting lines and architecture. Favourite place to shop? I shop a lot of stores up and down Main Street, which is full of great stores like the Barefoot Contessa and Lark. For vintage and second-hand stuff, there’s the Front (Front & Co.) or My Orange Bag. Speaking of bags, that’s an interesting one. It’s actually made from a skateboard. I got it at Lark. It was a little bit expensive: around $200. I have to admit, purses are my weakness. Most women say it’s shoes. I have size 11 feet, so it’s difficult for me to shop for shoes in Vancouver. I love shopping in Europe because of that; they have nice shoes there that fit me. I was recently in Cannes attending the film festival, and there’s some great shopping there. Is the Cannes film fest as swanky as it looks on TV? Oh, yeah. If you want to see films in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, the dress code is black tie. They won’t let you in if you’re not dressed up. Most women wear gowns and heels, and the celebs all have their stylists with them. Sounds intimidating. No way. I don’t get intimidated by fashion. It’s fun, and when you’re there you get into the whole spirit of Cannes. It’s great because it creates a lot of pomp and ceremony about film.